Even though I said I will not be focusing on promoting my company, or should I say, my sons company, on this website, I can’t help not to mention in detail just what kind of services we’re offering here at English Custom Polishing.

Metal polishing

We are working with the best tools and polishing products available on the market to bring your metal items the shine that they once had. The feeling that you get from seeing a finished polishing job on a metal piece that had been stained by weather or time or both is very hard to describe, and that feeling is what’s out guiding force in our work.

We work on all kind of metal items for antique stores, where delicate polishing is needed, museums, auto parts polishing, truck parts polishing, tractor parts polishing, you name it. Anything and everything that needs to be polished we can probably do it. No job is too small or too big for us.

Plastic polishing

Polishing plastic is a relatively new service that my sons company is offering. It’s actually his idea to polish plastic and we’ve seeing quite a surge in inquiries from people who are interested in polishing plastic. Polishing plastic, depending on type of plastic, is a bit different from polishing metal.

Plastic is much more sensitive than metal, for the most part at least, so polishing it is more of a delicate process. What kind of plastic polishing service are we offering? So far we’ve worked mostly on car, truck and tractor dashboards, spoilers, etc. We’re ready to work on pretty much anything out there, so if you need to polish plastic, do get in touch.

Tools and polishing products sale

Easy to polish items can be polished at home. My company, and now my sons company, has no problem with people embracing the DIY spirit. Those who do decide to go on a DIY adventure and polish their own metals and plastics will need tools and polishing products.

That’s where we can help. Our large assortment of polishing equipment is more than enough to get the job done. What’s best, it’ll only set you back a couple of bucks. Come at our store and find everything you need for a DIY polishing project.




Use the contact form down below to get in touch with my son about a custom polish gig.